April 2007
"I cannot thank Emma enough for helping achieve the birth I wanted for my third baby.  She gave me 100% support under very difficult circumstances."  

 February 2008

"Having Emma there helped me remain calm, relaxed and focused. She helped me not to panic and believe that everything was going well even when I was in pain."
"I had a much more positive experience than the first time and had a much easier and relaxed start to being a mother of my second daughter. This has meant that the first few weeks have been really enjoyable."

 September 2008

"Emma gave huge amounts of encouragement to both of us and helped us keep going - very motivating and reassuring.  We ended up having a really great birth - it was an extremely positive and life affirming experience and Emma's help and expertise contributed to that greatly.  I'm convinced that we would have had a different outcome had Emma not been there.  She helped us get the natural birth that we really wanted."
Emma and Matthew

 September 2008

"How do we sum up everything Emma did for us?  To difficult really.  Essentially she was there when we both needed her - supporting us, making us laugh, reassuring us, etc."  
"We were keen to have a doula that could support us in any situation whatever we had to face during the labour and birth - Emma was definitely that person."
"Emma helped us get the best possible outcome from the situation - she's fab!"
Alison and Darius

 December 2008

We wouldn't have got through it without Emma!
I had been planning for a natural and active birth and had never considered that things might not go to plan after a "straightforward" pregnancy. Emma gave us the information, support and confidence to try natural approaches before the medical side kicked in. she was a huge support to me and my husband through my long labour - even in the middle of the night!
Whilst it wasn't the natural birth I'd have gone for Emma made me feel that I always had choices. She realised when I was unhappy with something and talked me through the options. The situation changed regularly and Emma was flexible enough to offer advice to suit the moment. She helped me not to panic and remain calm even when I was in pain. The breathing technique for the contractions was simple yet really effective and I can't thank her enough for that one!
In short, I wouldn't give birth again without her!
Debbie and Kevin

December 2009

 It was our first baby and as my husband and I live far away from friends and family, we knew that we needed more than just the practical support that the NHS midwife would need to provide.

We needed emotional support and encouragement from someone experienced who's sole objective was to help us through my labour. 
The support Emma gave us exceeded all of our expectations. She was a constant source of encouragement and reassurance to us during both my pregnancy and throughout labour. Her optimism and positivity were infectious and by the time I went into labour I felt confident that we were going to have the birth experience we had hoped for.
Emma was always completely approachable and I felt I could talk to her at any time about my concerns. It went as far as me having to ring her on Christmas day to let her know my contractions had begun!
Giving birth to Finn was the most incredible and challenging experience my husband and I have ever gone through and we really don't think we could have done it without Emma. I have already let her know to expect a call if I fall pregnant again!
Lucy & Dudley

February 2010 

Prior to the birth Emma gave us the confidence to consider alternatives to the type of birth we were originally planning, which meant we were looking forward to the event and were far less anxious.

We didn't have a particularly straight forward birth and it don't go as we had planned so having Emma there who gave continuous support and advice to both me and Scott meant we got through one of the worst and the best days of our lives. Emma was amazing and we don't think we could have done it without her!

Emma is a very positive and approachable person and both me and Scott warmed to her immediately. I felt I could contact her about anything before and after the birth. I felt I made a friend in Emma and hope we keep in touch. She will be one of the first people I will be ringing if we fall pregnant again!
Laura and Scott

April 2010

We contacted Emma after some pretty awful experiences with the NHS with our previous births.   We were determined that for our fourth and last baby we would not take any nonsense and do it the way we wanted it. After telling our midwife that we wanted a home birth she shot me down instantly as I had had a previous c-section with my first baby (totally due to unnecessary NHS intervention).  I had gone on to have two natural uncomplicated births, but this counted for nothing.  The midwife filled me with fear, doubt and guilt for even suggesting i stray from the guidelines.  I felt distraught, cut down and as if it were all out of my hands as i walked away from my antenatal check up.I went away and educated myself on facts and figures to do with c-sections and home births and the pros and cons involved, I shared my feelings with a friend who happens to work for the national childbirth trust and she suggested I contact a birthing doula, and she was absolutely right.  I found Emma through her amazing website and contacted her.  Within minutes of calling her and explaining our story I knew she was the one to help us get what we wanted.  She came to meet us in our home and instantly calmed and reassured us.  She filled me with the confidence I so desperately needed, she banished my fears and doubts and made me feel ready to take on the NHS system and win.  As the pregnancy went on we saw our G.P instead of our useless midwife and any doubts or queries I had, I called Emma and she was there for us every time to put all my worries to bed.As my due date came and went she was there still keeping me positive which helped me to relax and enjoy the final stages of my last pregnancy.  We ended up in hospital for a variety of reasons, but we didn't feel disheartened as we achieved the birth we wanted.  Emma supported our decision to go into hospital 100% and joined us there when we decided the labour was underway.  She was our tower of strength and barrier against any decisions made, outside of our birth plan (within medical boundaries).I had a tens machine from the start (recommended by Emma!) which I didn't hold much hope for, but my goodness that little machine was my saving grace!  I felt so safe and secure knowing I had Emma in the room able to make informed decisions, watch me like a hawk and protect us from unwanted intervention, this enabled me to turn inwards, focus on my breathing and shut out my surroundings.  Emma empowered my husband to help me through the labour, he was able to hold me better, talk to me better and do what he felt was right for me, knowing he would not be pushed into the background.  Emma read me like a book throughout my labour and instinctively knew when to help, when to back off, when and where I had cramp that needed massaging out etc!A mere 3 hours of labour later and Emma was picking up on my body language and noises and knew that it was nearly time for our baby to be born, so she asked my husband if he would like to delivery our baby and of course he did, it was a good catch!  As I breathed our baby out, the room was silent and the first voices she heard were her mummy and daddy's.  I was able to listen to my body and I can say hand on heart I felt no pain, I had no damage and no bruising, I felt euphoric, empowered and so grateful to have had the birth we had so longed for.  Georgie Jane Ellen has been the most contented and happy baby since then and I am convinced it's all down to the way she entered the world. To sum up, words are not enough to say how we feel towards Emma.  She helped us to achieve what we considered the unachievable.  Thank you.

Rebecca and Ali 

 October 2010

"I am not sure I would have got as far as I did without your support, so thank you so so much for everything, Emma. You were my angel!"

 November 2013

"Thank you is not enough! You were a star, a rock and an angel wrapped into one" V and P

 December 2013

" thanks to you I got the natural water birth I wanted. Couldn't have done it without you. Your support was unending and unyielding." Petra and Louis